Dave – Park City

I’m in my 7th season patroller at Canyons/Park City, and I’d like to inspire you to consider the many benefits of working in a union environment. We have in front of us a giant corporation that has many wishes and business to take care of, and in my experience day to day working conditions and line employees are usually the first to see the effects of cost cutting and disconnected remote management.

As a union we encourage each of us to ask challenging questions. Like, what about work is important to me? What is best for my peers, our rookies, and our organization?

It’s a great feeling to have an opportunity to speak out and propose issues and improvements to take to negotiations.

To leave that in the hands of a massive company you just never know what you’ll get and if it’s right.
There have been no negatives of working in a union setting in my experience whatsoever! Looking forward to skiing with you all.

-Dave Telian, Park City

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