Joelle – Park City

joelleThis is my tenth season patrolling at Canyons/Park City. I started patrolling because it was everything I wanted to do…ski, avalanche control, help people and do all this with folks that have become really great friends all while getting paid. Now it is my career and I have realized how important it is to work along side with professionals who have chosen this as their career path also.

The biggest thing that keeps me coming back here year after year is the people and that we have a low turnover rate.

The skills people bring and want to share as well as all the laughs and people I look forward to seeing every day. I love my job and want to continue to come back to a place I enjoy.

With the Union, we have been able to negotiate to what is important to us rather than a corporation deciding what we want.With the union, we get to decide what matters to us and my voice is heard multiplied by all the members in our union. Dues are minuscule compared to what the union (my co-workers) have gotten for me. Other than just wages, multiple educational opportunities, patrol exchange in Washington, higher gear allowance, better working conditions and keeping my friends around as professionals that I want to work with.

We also have many great new folks who come with skills and I hope they will see what I see and chose this place to come back to and be able to afford to live here. As our town is growing quickly and cost of living keeps rising we have a great opportunity to continue to let our voices be heard.

– Joelle Stanions, Park City

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