Bryan – Park City

bryanI would like to tell you about my business. I am in the business of ski patrolling! This is not a publicly traded commodity residing on Wall Street, and I am not just in the business of making money like large publicly traded companies. I am in the business of helping others, keeping people safe, preventing injury, saving lives, and risking my own to ensure others safety, all while trying to be safe and have fun. A main concern of mine is, that I am able to do my job, and to support myself AND those that depend on me! I don’t know about you but as a ten-year patroller, I would rather be able to afford to pay the bills in my own home, rather than live in dormitory style housing with 500 other employees!

I am in the business of helping people, of Protecting others, of being my brothers keeper, and of making the future a better place for those that come behind us! So ask yourself, what business are you in?

– Bryan Silvey, Park City

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