Kirah – Park City

I’m in my 8th season patrolling at Canyons/Park City and my 11th season overall. Before moving to Utah I researched 11 ski patrols in 5 western states and through that effort I found Canyons to have the best comprehensive employment package.

We all do this job for similar reasons – skiing pow, working outside, throwing avalanche shots, enjoying our hilarious coworkers – and after hearing from patrollers across the country, I think those attributes of the job hold true no matter where you work. What can be different, I found, is the kind of compensation package a ski area offers you. I was looking for a patrol that could make this more of a sustainable career. Have you ever been called a ski bum? Though I smile at that nickname, I know the truth is that I’m a professional with a specialized skill set who works hard for her paycheck.

After working at Canyons and talking to patrollers who had been here for 10+ years I learned that their union had won them many of the improved employment perks and benefits that other patrols were lacking. As a result I joined the union so I too could have a voice in shaping our future employment benefits.

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Joelle – Park City

joelleThis is my tenth season patrolling at Canyons/Park City. I started patrolling because it was everything I wanted to do…ski, avalanche control, help people and do all this with folks that have become really great friends all while getting paid. Now it is my career and I have realized how important it is to work along side with professionals who have chosen this as their career path also.

The biggest thing that keeps me coming back here year after year is the people and that we have a low turnover rate.

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Bryan – Park City

bryanI would like to tell you about my business. I am in the business of ski patrolling! This is not a publicly traded commodity residing on Wall Street, and I am not just in the business of making money like large publicly traded companies. I am in the business of helping others, keeping people safe, preventing injury, saving lives, and risking my own to ensure others safety, all while trying to be safe and have fun. A main concern of mine is, that I am able to do my job, and to support myself AND those that depend on me! I don’t know about you but as a ten-year patroller, I would rather be able to afford to pay the bills in my own home, rather than live in dormitory style housing with 500 other employees!

I am in the business of helping people, of Protecting others, of being my brothers keeper, and of making the future a better place for those that come behind us! So ask yourself, what business are you in?

– Bryan Silvey, Park City